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The past few months I lost a lot of weight dramatically and not intentionally. As I tend to gain weight around my middle and my bum. Loosing the weight means I have been left with stretch marks on the side of my bum. Ye my stomach is flat, but until I can gain the weight back gradually I have to deal with the marks on my skin. I know it's not Extreme or immensely visible to you so you might think I'm over reacting…but it's still a change for me to deal with & I have eventually accepted it. I wanted to post this because it's natural for any1, even if your petite like me to have imperfections…that aren't even imperfections, they are just natural for a woman to have.I just think that we all love a good smooth out on IG pics, but it's also important to show young girls growing up that there is no such thing as "perfect". So to all my ladies out there 'be comfortable in your imperfections because that is the essence of true beauty'. ✨

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