10 random facts about me for those of you who are new to my page: – 1. I sleep with a fan in my face always, take my fan away and I'll cut you. 2. I could literally live off of my egg whites and red potatoes, IHOP is my sh*t. 3. I don't like designer clothes, My closet has sweats, crop tops, and bikinis. 4. I'm from the Bay Area, and I love old school hip hop, the 90's are my jam. 5. I LOVE sports, I'm always watching my teams and tune into sportscenter frequently, SVP is my favorite anchor. 6. Money or following doesn't impress me, your character and the way you treat people does. 7. I play video games in my spare time, Overwatch, COD, GTA, and MLB the show are my fave currently. 8. I'm a cheap date, I don't like fancy restaurants or extravagant things. I'd rather order Chinese and watch a movie, no joke. 9. I LOVE to travel, the world is so big and I plan on seeing a lot of it. 10. I genuinely love and appreciate all of you who follow me and are so supportive. Without you there is no me, and I'm so thankful for the kind messages, comments, and love you show me daily. – Laci Kay

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